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Professional Butcher Knife - Stainless Steel Knife

Xituo Professional Chef Butcher Knife is a handmade forged stainless steel by expert knife-makers with years of experience. It can be used for chopping, slicing, or dicing different foods and it can endure years upon years of use.

Versatility: This blade has the versatility to replace almost any knife in your kitchen and become your favorite to use when cutting, slicing, and chopping anything in front of you. The knife's large blade acts as an effective "scoop" to take your performance in the kitchen to the next level. With this butcher knife, feel confident that you have a valuable and resourceful cutting tool to maneuver any job. 

 Signature construction makes this professional butcher knife extremely comfortable to use and features an efficiently and brilliantly crafted handle to ensure “surgical precision” for even the finest of cuts. The weight of the blade makes cutting easy, so you exert less effort in the kitchen.

Refined & Decorative: You’ll feel proud to hang this knife in your kitchen. The large, two-tone blade stands out, attracts attention and makes a radiant addition to a new or established knife collection.

Razor sharp blade: Made from stainless steel for a harder metal body and a sharper blade that allows dedicated chefs to cut foods faster and more efficiently. Its arc cutting edge allows you to chop, slice, and dice with effortless technique.

Handcrafted in China: Our butcher knife is forged by fine Chinese knife-makers with countless years of experience. It is both magnificent to behold and tenacious enough to withstand the test of time.

Strong wooden handle: The durable wooden handle is carefully connected with nails made from pure copper to ensure it does not split when chopping, slicing or dicing. Crafted from natural ebony, the handle is equipped with a non-slip design to enhance your kitchen experience.


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