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Knife Sharpener - 4 in 1 Fine Rod Knife and Scissors Sharpener

If your kitchen knives are old and are starting to get blunt, then you are in desperate need of a knife sharpener. 

But don't worry; this 4 in 1 Knife Sharpener will be your ultimate savior. It works great on all types of knives as well as scissors and it is extremely easy and safe to use at home.

This practical knife sharpener performs 4 different functions:

  1. Coarse Grinding: for dull blades
  2. Medium Grinding: for ceramic blades 
  3. Fine Grinding: for blades in need of polishing 
  4. Slot: for scissors 

It features an EVA pad at the bottom, which keeps it standing stable while you sharpen your knives. 

Sharpening your knives and scissors will take only a few minutes with this guy. 

This knife sharpener has been designed ergonomically to make the process very comfortable and safe for the hand. It is small and sleek in size which makes it perfect for any kitchen but it is big enough to handle any knife. The non-slip rubber base and stainless steel material make the sharpener super durable. 

Take care of your kitchen knives at home with this effective 4 in 1 knife sharpener and give them long-lasting sharp blades.  


Additional Details 

Full Length: 9 in ( 23 cm)
Handle Length: 5.7 in ( 14.5 cm)
Sharpen Length: 3.3 in ( 8.5 cm)
Width: 2.9 in ( 7.5 cm)
Weight: 280 g
Materials: Solid ABS silicone + none slip rubber +premium stainless steel
Colors: Black, Yellow, and Green


Feature: Eco-Friendly
Type: Sharpeners
Metal Type: Tungsten steel
Suitable for: Kitchen Knives and Scissors
Bottom Material: Non-slip cushion bottom
Handle Material: Silicone

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