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Bamboo Folding Laptop Stand Table With Fan Cooler

Bamboo Folding Laptop Table

Work comfortably on your laptop by placing it on this stand. This can provide a lift on your computer so you can work easier while not hurting your back and your body. Also, this laptop stand gives convenient ventilation on your laptop to prevent overheating while in use.

High-quality Wooden Material

This laptop stand is made with a high-quality bamboo material which is very strong and durable. You will be able to use this for a long time. Its quality does not decrease even after extended repeated use. It can hold your laptop of any size steadily while you are working or not.

Cools the Computer While in Use

Unlike when your computer is just on a table surface, using a stand gives more ventilation and cooling function. Especially if you are working for so many hours in a day, it is more recommended that your computer should be a little higher and has more space to breathe. Prevent overheating and make sure that you can keep the working quality of your laptop.

Lightweight Design

You can bring his anywhere with you, and it will not be a hassle with its lightweight design. The parts are also removable so you can also store it easier in your bag if you need to bring it along with you. All edges of the wood are made smooth which will not damage your device.


Material: Bamboo
Pattern: Solid
Size: 50 x 30 cm
Laptop Table Type: Portable 

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